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19, Male, Henry, Attending UC Santa Cruz, Likes anime, kpop, fashion and League of Legends.

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quesan :  U r trash

You actually have it wrong. 


best gif i’ve ever seen


best gif i’ve ever seen



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At first I was pretty disappointed in my silver hair cause I sort of dyed it too early without bleaching it to a light enough color (but by like barely) so for a while it was sort of blue tinted and yellow tinted in different areas but now those tints have sort of faded and it’s more of a neutral silver and that’s what I wanted. 

I don’t fuck with people that don’t put commas after 3 digits of a number. That’s just too wild for me. 


"That's Tengen Toppa! That's Gurren Lagann! My drill is the drill that creates the heavens!" - Simon the Digger

Does eye contact get really intense for other people when you’re talking with a person and it’s real hard to keep eye contact so you avert your eyes and look elsewhere for half a second, or is that just me? 

Dating Tip


On your 3rd or 4th date show up in your Akatsuki cosplay without any explanation. This shows that you are mysterious, unpredictable, and a missing S-rank shinobi. 


Mad Life God Blitzcrank Plays !!!

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